Closing Checklist

Pre-Closing Checklist

  1. If obtaining a mortgage, please choose a Lender as soon as possible (most require 4-6 weeks to complete the loan process)
  2. Have your lender order a Title Commitment from one of our offices:
  3. Obtain Homeowners Insurance as required by lender (if applicable)
  4. Prior to closing, establish accounts with:
    • Electric Company
    • Telephone Company
    • Water & Sewer Company
    • Cable Company
  5. The final payment must be in the form of a Federal Wire Transfer payable to K Title Company LLC. Encrypted wire instructions will be provided to you. Please reference buyer’s name on wire transfer.
  6. Your closing will be held at one of K Title’s offices, unless other arrangements were made.
  7. Please allow approximately half an hour for a cash closing and one hour for a mortgage closing.
  8. Please bring a picture ID and one other form of identification.